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1. You are applying for a project called 'New Talent Spotlight' (the "Project").

The project is produced by Russell Scott Entertainment Limited (the "Company" or "Management").

2. Auditions are by appointment only.

3. Applicants ("You" or "Applicant" or "Performer") can only apply ONCE for an audition. Any subsequent applications will be null and void.

4. Applications do not guarantee success or acceptance into the Project.

5. There are no charges for auditioning, nor any part of the project.

6. The minimum age requirement to audition for New Talent Spotlight is 18 years or over.

7. You must be resident in the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland, legally allowed to work, and hold a valid passport at all times during the Project.

8. You must provide the Company with documentation for the purpose of age verification upon request (i.e. a valid passport, driving license or birth certificate).

9. Any and all personal details and/or information provided by you in the Application process or otherwise must be truthful, accurate and in no way misleading. Any applicant in breach of this rule will be automatically disqualified.

10. You must disclose to the Company in writing, full details of any and all criminal or civil proceedings/actions pending, proceedings served and/or convictions unspent as at the date of Application.

11. Any applications after any fixed closing date will be null and void.

12. You hereby consent to any recording, photography or filming for use in any future broadcast, advertising or marketing purpose without approval. All applicants must ensure they are available for any such request at all times.

13. The contents of any processes, policies, auditions, rehearsals or shows must not be disclosed to any third party including the Press, Media, Radio or Television, any broadcaster or via the internet on any public or private forum or domain without the consent of the Company.

14. You acknowledge and agree to abide by any and all rules, regulations, terms and conditions relating to your application ("Terms"), and any involvement in it. You acknowledge and agree any such terms are subject to change at any time (whether in writing or verbally) and you agree to be bound by them at all times.

15. The applicant agrees that, unless with the Company’s prior written consent, not to publicise or discuss with any third party, any information unless where such information is already public knowledge.

16. The completion of an Application does not guarantee you will be successful. If the Company decides to take your Application to the next stage, you will be advised accordingly. Due to the high volume of applications received, the Company will only notify successful Applicants. If you are unable to make the required dates of the next stage of auditions, you will lose your place in the project.

17. From the time of application and for a period of 6 months after the Project has completed, any opportunities or offers arising from any aspect or involvement in the Project whether directly or indirectly are subject to the Company's management fees and terms. Applicants must inform the Company if any such offer or opportunity arises at the outset and will be advised accordingly.  This does not guarantee any such offer or opportunity will be accepted.

18. From the time of application and for a period of 6 months after the Project has completed, applicants are forbidden from making direct contact with any associates, partners, sponsors, agents, programmers, or contractors without the consent of the Company.

19.Successful Applicants may be asked to complete further agreements/releases in the course of their involvement in the Project.

20. Successful applicants will be advised as to which production they have been selected to perform in, and will do their utmost to ensure they are available for any such performances and any required rehearsal. Should they not have availability, they may subsequently lose their place in the Project, but maybe selected for a further production in the future.

21. All performer fees will be agreed at the time of selection.

22. By applying for the Project, you also agree to opt in to be added to our mailing list to receive information about future productions and auditions. You can opt out at any time.

23. Successful Applicants will be selected at the sole discretion of the Company whose decision will be final and binding upon all Applicants.


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