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On this page you'll find everything you need to know about preparing for your audition.




The Solo audition is first.


There are 4 main things to know in order to prepare for your audition:


 1 You are required to prepare THREE pieces from the Musical Theatre repertoire, of which you will be asked to perform ONE of them. Pop songs are NOT permitted.


 2   Please either bring along backing tracks for your prepared pieces (in CD format only).

Ensure you bring TWO copies  in case of any technical difficulty.




Bring along TWO copies of your prepared pieces in sheet music form

(in piano/vocal/chords format WITH Jazz chords).


 3   You are also required to prepare to perform ONE from the list below:




A New Life (from Jekyll & Hyde') in E major

With One Look (from 'Sunset Boulevard') in A major

The Spark Of Creation (from 'Children Of Eden') in C major

Feelin' Good (from 'The Roar of the Greasepaint - The Smell of the Crowd') in G minor




Where's The Girl (from 'The Scarlet Pimpernel') in Ab minor

Love Changes Everything (from 'Aspects Of Love') in A major

Being Alive (from 'Company') in D major

I'll Be There (from 'The Pirate Queen') in Eb major


For this song, you will be accompanied on piano for the above pieces, which will be performed in their original key/as per the versions in the song selection books). You do not need to bring any music or backing tracks for these pieces.


 4    Ensure you bring along a recent Photo and CV.


NOTE:  The producers reserve the right to refuse to audition anyone who has not met these exact requirements.




1. You will be given an allocated time slot. Please make sure you are on time.

2. You are not allowed to sing a cappella.

3. Original material is NOT allowed.

4. You will be asked to perform one or both of your chosen songs in part or in full.

5. If the producers feel the pieces you have chosen to perform are not suitable, you may be asked to perform different songs.

6. Due to time restrictions you may not get to perform a full song, however this will not necessarily be a reflection of the success of your audition.

7. A piano accompanist will be available.

8. You are not allowed to accompany yourself.

9. You will be auditioning without amplification.

10. Please arrive at the audition ‘warmed up’ and ready to perform – there may not be areas assigned at the venue for ‘warming up’.

11. Auditions are not open for general public viewing.  Friends or relatives will not be allowed in to the audition room.

12. Please arrive on time (but no earlier than 15mins before your designated time).  If you are late you may not be seen.  Please be prepared to wait.

13. A photographer and/or videographer may be present at your audition – any media taken are the sole copyright of Russell Scott Management and Productions Limited and may be used for reference, marketing or promotion purposes without further permission.

14. Please bring one piece of formal ID with you in case you are required to produce it.

15. You may bring along your own refreshments or refreshments may be available for purchase.

16. There will be two or more producers at each of your auditions.

17. There is a strict policy of NO costumes, NO character make-up, NO props and NO instruments. Applicants not observing this policy will not be auditioned.




Following the audition, you will receive feedback and advised whether or not you have been successful in reaching The Call Backs.





If you are called back, you will be invited to attend an all-day workshop.  Full details will be given to you after your audition.


If you are called back, and have only auditioned with backing tracks, you will be asked to bring along sheet music as described above.


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